beautiful combo unit By
August 30, 2009
This is really nice looking and big! But you have to be a master carpenter to put it together.

Do not use a manual screwdriver, youll get carpal tunnel! def use a cordless drill/screw gun like we did..itll make your life ten times easy.

If you follow the illustrations (no directions)step by step, this is pretty easy to put together. Theres only an exact count of screws/plugs..so do not lose any while putting together.

It took my hubby 2.5 hrs to put together with a cordless drill and he is a very crafty carpenter. He said it would take the average person to put it together in 6hrs esp with a screwdriver.

This comes with a 1yr warranty. Getting the crib tomorrow. Be back to let you know how that went!
Happy child; happy parents By
June 10, 2007
The price of this bed along with shipping was the best I could find. My husband and I were able to put the bed together in a short period of time, however, you have to look at the diagrams for thorough and complete directions. The written directions could be more clearer. I like puzzles so it didn't take us long to figure it out. Amazingly, my 2 yr old daughter took to the bed like a fish does water. We have had the bed for 3mos and she has slept in it, all night, every night since she got it. My daughter was a jumper too, until she got her own bed...she has choosen not to jump on Dora! We are very pleased with this bed!!!
I wouldn't recommended it By
January 1, 2004
I brought this bed for my daughter when she was two years old because she loves Dora, however the assembly for this bed is really lousey. Instead of having a solid foundation the bed comes with six little poles that you have to insert into another part of the bed. Whenever she would jump or even the slightlest little movement one or two of these poles would come out and her mattress would fall down. I stop using the bed because I was afraid that the mattress would fall down while she was asleep. The bed is very cute, but I wouldn't recommend it.
So pleased! By
April 8, 2011
I purchased this crib in the light wood color from Babies R Us. I luckily found the Baby Age website and took my BRU purchase back the next day. Baby Age had it in the cherry color that I preferred and it was around $50.00 cheaper than BRU. The ordering and shipping were great. It was easy to assemble. There was a dent on the top rail and it was a splintered. I emailed customer service and they were amazing! That kind of service is really hard to find these days. I am a huge Baby Age fan now.
I did buy the 3inch matterss and it was alos a great price.
Very Nice By
November 8, 2010
The crib arrived in 3 days from ordering and it was in excellent condition with no scratches or damage. It was extremely easy to put together. I did it on my own in a half hour or so and I'm 8 months pregnant and my 1 year old was trying to "help". The crib is a darker then Delta's picture shows, which was good for us. On other sites (Amazon) users have posted pictures that show the actual color more accurately.
cute as a button By
January 1, 2004
We bought this for my 3 year old and he loved it. He say Nemo and now calls every fish he sees Nemo. He sleeps like a baby because he knows Nemo is watching over him, how cute, I highly recommend it.
Delta - Disney Princess Vintage Cameo Twin Bed w/ Rails By
January 24, 2010
Fast Shipping and easy set up,if only instructions can be better detailed.
but solid wood is always a++++ in my book.
Good Bed By
July 19, 2009
It is a good toddler bed... the directions to put it together could have been done better..but overall satisfied with the purchase
Beautiful bed By
May 2, 2009
It is a very cute bed and quite solid, my daughter jumps on the bed but it still holds. Easy to assemble. I agree with Sarah that the pictures, which is the main attraction, do come with a pink border and does not cover the entire head and footboards. But it didnt matter to my daughter, I was the one more disappointed. From the time we bought the bed she would always sleep on the bed even on nap time.
Good Value By
July 7, 2009
Very nice quality for the price with solid construction & a beautiful dark cherry color. My only complaint is the hardware bolts to hold it together are completely visible. They are a nice brass color to accent the cherry but if I had known the hardware was visible I would have chosen another changing table. I did not see the hardware in the product photo. Still a nice product though..

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