we love it By
January 1, 2004
I ordered this late Monday night and received it on Sat. Product was shipped directly from Combi via Fedex home delivery. Box was busted open on one side but nothing was missing. The instruction could be more precise according to my husband but everything was put together beautifully. Play yard can be packed up pretty quickly and easily. It has plenty of storage pockets. I plan on letting my baby sleep in the bassinet + pedestal in my room for the first couple months instead of a crib in the nursery.
Nice compact seat By
December 30, 2009
I just bought this seat for my 4 mo old. I wanted something lightweight (for travel) and something that would rear-face past 30 lbs. It is plush and cozy! I currently have the insert in it, but will have to remove it soon since he's closing in on 20 lbs. I tried him in it both with and w/o the insert (since he is over 15 lbs) and both seemed comfy to him.
It is very light weight (lighter than the infant seat we were using!) and takes up less room than the infant seat too.
It installed fairly easy for me on a captain's chair in our minivan, but I haven't tried it in any other positions.
The "puzzle buckle" is annoying, but not terrible. I've had the seat installed for a week or so and I'm starting to get used to the buckle.
I was disappointed that the seat had a DOM of 3/2009 and I purchased it in mid-Dec 09.
Great Bag By
February 7, 2010
This bag is great. So much bigger than I thought. I am the grandparent to be and cant wait the fill it. The footed bottom of this bag is a must, a very valuable feature you dont often see on bags. excellent
great seat! By
November 18, 2010
I got this seat in a different color.....great value for your buck! snapped with my 2009 combi twin sport which was not even on the list of compatible strollers...baby doesn't even need a head support rest and she was a 6lb baby. very sturdy and easy to take in and out of base.
Not perfect, but very satisfied. By
July 23, 2009
Nothing installs easily into our Saturn SL1, but we were able to get it in there snugly (now rf'ing). Our seatbelts are too short to use the euro-routing. Our 18-month-old, 29", 16 lb toddler seems comfy and her head is nicely propped while sleeping. Unlike most other seats, the crotch is set close enough to keep the buckle from digging into her belly. Ditched the infant insert because it made it harder to get her buckled in (but that could just be her unusual stats). Love how light it is since we travel often. Hate the puzzle buckle. Really, who comes up with those things? Once you get the hang of pushing the harness adjuster it releases very cleanly and it's a breeze to get her in and out. Overall, very happy with the purchase.
thanks to auntie dayna for babies car seat By
February 10, 2011
ok so it took me the 5th person to install this car seat for me.
i went to 2 diff. fire depts and 1 police dept and no one was able to install it.
i got my friends husband to do it seeing as to they have the same car seat, luckily he flew into town that week.
besides that i love the carseat. its so accessible. easy to maneuver. just sucks its not portible , but its ok.
just have better instructions on how to install it
wonderful By
January 1, 2004
The seperate bassinet and stand eliminated the need to buy a bassinet...we used it alone alot. Lots of storage and pockets...nice padded pad, vibration feature nice! When stowed the wheels make it easy to transport...we loved it!
May 15, 2010
This is an amazing walker. I bought it for my 6 month old son. It literally only took me ten minutes to assemble and I even plut the spring on wrong the first time. My only complaint is that the walker sits lower to the floor than I would have liked. We have lifted it off the floor beings that my son is on the tall side. All in all it was well worth the $115 we spent and I have already recommended this walker to friends.
I think this is a seat that will be around for a long time! By
November 28, 2011
This seat has superb safety and comfort features! One of the major features that I love is the EPS safety foam that lines the seat protecting for side and rear collisions. For more information on this seat and other infant car seats, visit www.best-baby-seat.com . This safety provided so much information for me when I made my decision.
just what we needed By
May 17, 2007
my son is extra sensitive to light.. and when the sun is in his face, we hear about it. This product attaches in seconds and shields his little eyes from the sun.

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