Great for 2 kids- some drawbacks, though By
January 1, 2004
After purchasing and returning both the Evenflo Take-Me-Too stroller and the Graco Duoglider, we ended up with this stroller- but mostly as a 'lesser of all the evils.' There is absolutely no perfect double stroller out there, but this seemed to fit most of our requirements, while giving up the least amount of desired features. Pros: Sooooo super light and highly manueverable. I love pushing it around, even with just one kid in it (it doesn't pull to one side like many others when my toddler is out walking). I love the easy-opening and relatively easy-closing. It has the largest canopies I've evern seen on a side-by-side stroller. The cupholders & shared snack holder are a rare feature on double strollers and a MUST for our 2-year-old. The parent sack (while reviews were bad) is actually quite useful. It securely holds my cell phone & digital camera (unlike my Graco single), and we really only ever use the cupholders for water bottles so we have no problems with drinks spilling out. Cons: Price- it was definitely over my original budget, but after seeing the other options I decided any stroller that would cut down on my frustration and difficulty while out & about with 2 kids was well worth the money (definitely not my attitude when I first started shopping for doubles!). Also, the baskets are pretty much useless. I've resigned myself to this & just pretend they aren't there except to store kids' jackets and a small snack bag. I have a diaper bag with 'stroller hooks' so I just take it off my shoulder & clip it onto the handle. It works great! Oh- other great thing is that it folds up even smaller than my Graco Quattro single stroller and it feels even lighter than my single, too. Love this stroller! Makes life with 2 little ones so much easier.
Great Bag By
February 7, 2010
This bag is great. So much bigger than I thought. I am the grandparent to be and cant wait the fill it. The footed bottom of this bag is a must, a very valuable feature you dont oten see on bags. excellent
Nice Double By
April 26, 2010
Haven't used it too much yet, but like the 5-point harness, removable cup holders.
Don't like the tiiny basket underneath and no cup holder for the adult.
great By
August 22, 2009
I like this car seat so far. It's a bit heavy, but I like it because it makes 360 rotation, and you can incline the chair so that my daughter can sleep easily - without breaking her neck. I would like to buy one for my 4month old son too.
wonderful By
January 1, 2004
The seperate bassinet and stand eliminated the need to buy a bassinet...we used it alone alot. Lots of storage and pockets...nice padded pad, vibration feature nice! When stowed the wheels make it easy to transport...we loved it!
The best I found By
July 20, 2009
I needed a light weight compact stroller for a trip we were going on. It needed to fit in the car with all the luggage but I wanted one that fully reclined for when my son needed a nap on our trip. After many hours of searching I decided on this one.The big bulky travel system stroller is now being retired. This one folds up nicely and my son is ver comfortable in this stroller.
Awesome! By
February 18, 2010
I can't think of anything negative about it. It's as easy as a single umbrella, it fits everywhere, it's light, it has kid cup holders and removable bar in front of the kids, it has newborn/infant capabilities, individually reclining seats, 5-point harness or lap belt. I've used it since my son was just 4-5 weeks old and my daughter was 24 months. A year later, I still use it everywhere I go.
Good product By
September 21, 2009
Directions are easy to follow. It takes a time or two to get the hang of unfolding and folding it but once you know how to do it is is very easy. Comes with a nice case for storing and traveling.
babybed By
June 23, 2009
simple and enjoy to baby
Light weigth stroller By
July 20, 2009
Excellent stroller specially for the ligh weight.

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