September 27, 2010
Well worth the money By
March 12, 2009
I really did my research and This is the best price and it is a fantastic seat. My daughter hated her infant seat so I was determined to make sure she was super comfy and safe. It is easy to use and easy to install. it sits high. It is nice rear facing and awesome fwd facing. A great buy and it is you good combi quality. I will be buying a 2nd one for my mom.
Great for travel and quick runs with TWINS!! By
April 27, 2010
With 11 month old twins, I can't just grab a child and run into the drug store. I NEED a travel stroller for running errands and the few airplane trips we make in a year.
I love how lightweight this stroller is. It lives in the van so I am always taking it out and folding it back up. So with this one being so much lighter in weight than the "Other" big name travel stroller made a huge difference to me.
My boys love the upright seat with the much better view, compared to their other rides.

Some CONS:
Awnings- not so great, but for errand running I don't believe it will be an issue
Basket- Not great, the bar in the center limits storage. However, since having the twins, I have long since gotten over the loss of a large and functional basket, like those found on single strollers.
Wheels - This will not be my neighborhood stroller, the weels have a hard time with the older sidwalks in my neighborhood.
***Nice Stroller*** By
March 26, 2010
Just got this stroller and have already tested it out. Is extremely light in comparison to the Kolcraft Contour that we just came out of. But, my children are older and I just really need something small and light to get in and out of the van quickly. My 4 year old son was able to maneuver the stroller very well with his 3 year old (37 pounds) and 1 year old (25 pounds) brothers. Got a great price. Paid $180 including taxes and shipping. I googled a 10% discount code for babyage. I love the way it folds and it takes about 1/4 of the trunk space on my van, versus 3/4 of my trunk space with the Kolcraft that I mentioned before. Very happy with the purchase. Color of the stroller is perfect! Oh, I was expecting it to veer more one way because of the difference in weight, and it doesn't. Very nice stroller.
wonderful By
January 1, 2004
The seperate bassinet and stand eliminated the need to buy a bassinet...we used it alone alot. Lots of storage and pockets...nice padded pad, vibration feature nice! When stowed the wheels make it easy to transport...we loved it!
May 18, 2010
the product is very good
The best I found By
July 20, 2009
I needed a light weight compact stroller for a trip we were going on. It needed to fit in the car with all the luggage but I wanted one that fully reclined for when my son needed a nap on our trip. After many hours of searching I decided on this one.The big bulky travel system stroller is now being retired. This one folds up nicely and my son is ver comfortable in this stroller.
Fantastic By
December 8, 2008
As a mom of two and aunt to many babies, I have done a lot of trial and error on baby products along with research! This car seat is simple AMAZING! This is simply a dream seat! It is extra padded and comfortable for our 6 month old! Our 5 year old loves sitting next to her in it because she can see her well. It moves effortlessly. Very easy to figure out. I did not need to watch the demo to figure it out. The seat is heavy but you do not need two people to lift as I had previously read on a review. I think the fact that it is solid shows good construction. Everything about this seat has been positive for our family. I even adjusted the straps without needing a doctorate degree in strap manipulation! :-) I drive a Tahoe, but was concerned with how much space the seat would take with needing to rotate and so on. It fits fine and my husband (6-1") still has room. Would buy again anyday and are considering buying a second for husband's vehicle! (even grandma figured it out! HEE HEE)
great car seat By
January 10, 2010
i love it , the green is a great color
and great gender neutral, which i was
looking for without going with brown.
July 17, 2009

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