zoom By
December 29, 2009
I and my grandson like the walker very much. I only wish the horn came with the one shipped to me. How can I order a horn for the walker? That would make it A number one for the design.
Convertaibale car set for compact car By
February 8, 2010
Love it! Fits great in my mustang! Very easy to get the baby in and out! Great directions as well!
Great for travel and quick runs with TWINS!! By
April 27, 2010
With 11 month old twins, I can't just grab a child and run into the drug store. I NEED a travel stroller for running errands and the few airplane trips we make in a year.
I love how lightweight this stroller is. It lives in the van so I am always taking it out and folding it back up. So with this one being so much lighter in weight than the "Other" big name travel stroller made a huge difference to me.
My boys love the upright seat with the much better view, compared to their other rides.

Some CONS:
Awnings- not so great, but for errand running I don't believe it will be an issue
Basket- Not great, the bar in the center limits storage. However, since having the twins, I have long since gotten over the loss of a large and functional basket, like those found on single strollers.
Wheels - This will not be my neighborhood stroller, the weels have a hard time with the older sidwalks in my neighborhood.
Love it By
October 18, 2008
I love this chair, the colors are great and love the versitality. from the review above i do understand the pinching of finger but after you use it it starts to ease up/stretch out. When it is broken down to the table and chair my son fits at it quite well. he colors and paints at the table with no problem.
just what we needed By
May 17, 2007
my son is extra sensitive to light.. and when the sun is in his face, we hear about it. This product attaches in seconds and shields his little eyes from the sun.
Won't need another stoller! By
September 26, 2006
I LOVE this stroller! I travel a lot with my little one and wince at the other mothers struggling with the huge stollers thru security, etc. It folds up so easily and fits anywhere! I recommend this over all other 'travel systems'. This is the perfect stroller for the mom on the go.
Works Great So Far By
January 23, 2011
We just took this baby out for a spin with our 2 1/2 yr old and 3 month old. The reclining seats work great for the little one. There is a good amount of storage underneath. The only issue I can see is that the cup holders seem a little shallow. I knew it lacked parent holders when I purchased it, but the 3 child one's are not deep enough to hold a standard water bottle upright if it gets bumpy.

I put my husband in charge of folding it up, so hopefully the 3 second fold is as easy as they say
excellent choice if you have more than one By
March 12, 2011
We've got 3 kids (6y, 3y, 10m) and they're all tall for their ages and this stroller is *perfect*. Yes, the baskets underneath are rather small, but it's incredibly light and easy to maneuver and I had no trouble attaching a grocery bag to the handlebar with a velcro strap, so problem fixed. On the very first day we had it, we tried all different combinations of riders and every one was super easy to push (even over slight ridges in sidewalk, although you have to do the slight tip-back over larger bumps) and the older 2 kids said it's a very comfortable ride. The littlest had a very nice nap in it as well. It fit thru a regular doorway at the local library, the bank, the dry cleaners, and the bodega, which thrilled me no end. It truly folds easily, and it's so light to carry with the strap (and I have to carry it up 3 flights of stairs!). Every stroller has its particulars, i.e., this one you have to have seats up and front swivel wheels locked before you fold, but I'll take that any day over our old tandem monstrosity. Can't wait to travel with it!
August 12, 2009
This product is very light and managable. Color is questionable! Not a pretty product.
Ultimately 5 stars but there are a few things I wish this had..... By
January 1, 2004
With our first daughter we bought a Graco travel system, of course they have everything......a huge basket underneath, cup holders and other handy compartments. When I found out we were pregnant again and that I would need a double stroller I went to work researching. It ultimately came down to the Twin Savvy and the Aria Twin. After trying out both models I went with this Twin Savvy. What I LOVE about this stroller: *It is extremely light weight, infact it feels lighter than my single stroller from the travel system I have. It's very easy to stear, with a 2 year old and newborn there is a huge weight difference. But this stears like a dream. *It folds up extremely small. It fold in half and then in half again, so it takes up less space than my old travel system stroller. And it also stands upright on it's own which is handy when I take it places. *The padding is very comfy for my girls, much more comfy than other strollers Ive seen. What I DIDNT like so much: *Smallish baskets underneath the seats: I was spoiled with my HUGE basket in the travel system. While my large diaper bag doesnt fit easily I do make it fit and with two baskets it's not that bad. *The straps are a little more time consuming than with other strollers. But once you do it once it becomes very fast. The pro's certainly outweighed the con's with this stroller. And while the price is pretty high I realize a stroller isnt something you want to skimp on.

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