great By
August 22, 2009
I like this car seat so far. It's a bit heavy, but I like it because it makes 360 rotation, and you can incline the chair so that my daughter can sleep easily - without breaking her neck. I would like to buy one for my 4month old son too.
Awesome product By
February 14, 2011
High quality, and stylish. Plus my ipod plugs right into the back and my baby loves listening to the music.
Awesome seai By
October 30, 2010
Great seat for the cost.
June 27, 2009
I love my combi car seat. I have three children and it gives them all enough room to sit in the back seat and my four year old enough room for a booster seat all so.It is the best!!!!!!!!
Great Travel system By
March 25, 2013
I love the stroller, so far no complaints so far. I can sum it up by saying this is a great, beautiful stroller with an awesome price.
Won't need another stoller! By
September 26, 2006
I LOVE this stroller! I travel a lot with my little one and wince at the other mothers struggling with the huge stollers thru security, etc. It folds up so easily and fits anywhere! I recommend this over all other 'travel systems'. This is the perfect stroller for the mom on the go.
Nice compact seat By
December 30, 2009
I just bought this seat for my 4 mo old. I wanted something lightweight (for travel) and something that would rear-face past 30 lbs. It is plush and cozy! I currently have the insert in it, but will have to remove it soon since he's closing in on 20 lbs. I tried him in it both with and w/o the insert (since he is over 15 lbs) and both seemed comfy to him.
It is very light weight (lighter than the infant seat we were using!) and takes up less room than the infant seat too.
It installed fairly easy for me on a captain's chair in our minivan, but I haven't tried it in any other positions.
The "puzzle buckle" is annoying, but not terrible. I've had the seat installed for a week or so and I'm starting to get used to the buckle.
I was disappointed that the seat had a DOM of 3/2009 and I purchased it in mid-Dec 09.
Ultimately 5 stars but there are a few things I wish this had..... By
January 1, 2004
With our first daughter we bought a Graco travel system, of course they have everything......a huge basket underneath, cup holders and other handy compartments. When I found out we were pregnant again and that I would need a double stroller I went to work researching. It ultimately came down to the Twin Savvy and the Aria Twin. After trying out both models I went with this Twin Savvy. What I LOVE about this stroller: *It is extremely light weight, infact it feels lighter than my single stroller from the travel system I have. It's very easy to stear, with a 2 year old and newborn there is a huge weight difference. But this stears like a dream. *It folds up extremely small. It fold in half and then in half again, so it takes up less space than my old travel system stroller. And it also stands upright on it's own which is handy when I take it places. *The padding is very comfy for my girls, much more comfy than other strollers Ive seen. What I DIDNT like so much: *Smallish baskets underneath the seats: I was spoiled with my HUGE basket in the travel system. While my large diaper bag doesnt fit easily I do make it fit and with two baskets it's not that bad. *The straps are a little more time consuming than with other strollers. But once you do it once it becomes very fast. The pro's certainly outweighed the con's with this stroller. And while the price is pretty high I realize a stroller isnt something you want to skimp on.
***Nice Stroller*** By
March 26, 2010
Just got this stroller and have already tested it out. Is extremely light in comparison to the Kolcraft Contour that we just came out of. But, my children are older and I just really need something small and light to get in and out of the van quickly. My 4 year old son was able to maneuver the stroller very well with his 3 year old (37 pounds) and 1 year old (25 pounds) brothers. Got a great price. Paid $180 including taxes and shipping. I googled a 10% discount code for babyage. I love the way it folds and it takes about 1/4 of the trunk space on my van, versus 3/4 of my trunk space with the Kolcraft that I mentioned before. Very happy with the purchase. Color of the stroller is perfect! Oh, I was expecting it to veer more one way because of the difference in weight, and it doesn't. Very nice stroller.
December 29, 2008
I LOVE IT. Wish Combi would continue making it. It is THE BEST highchair from newborn to 2 years old. It lays FLAT and sits straight up also. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I give it 5 stars. (More stars if I could.) PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

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