Combi All-In-One Activity Walker By
July 13, 2009
After ordering the walker, I read reviews and have to say I was starting to worry. I received my order on time and the walker was undamaged. The walker is just darling and everything works on it. After placing my order I found the walker at a lesser cost else where.
October 24, 2009
Absolutely love it!
Great for Infant and Toddler By
January 1, 2004
I spent a few months looking into double strollers before I bought this one. I had it narrowed down to the Peg Perego Aria and the Combi Twin Savvy EX. What ultimately convinced me to buy the Combi was going into a store that sold both and test driving them with my 21 month and 1 month daughters in the seats. The Combi was so much sturdier than the Peg Perego which made it much easier to steer. Yes, the Aria has a bigger basket, but that is the only thing that was better. Benefits to the Combi: Fabric is much thicker and cushier, EX version has boots for the fronts of the stroller which helps when using with infants, hoods are much bigger, 6 sets of wheels make it sturdier, easy to use with different age/size children, light weight is comparable to Aria, easier to steer.
Works Great So Far By
January 23, 2011
We just took this baby out for a spin with our 2 1/2 yr old and 3 month old. The reclining seats work great for the little one. There is a good amount of storage underneath. The only issue I can see is that the cup holders seem a little shallow. I knew it lacked parent holders when I purchased it, but the 3 child one's are not deep enough to hold a standard water bottle upright if it gets bumpy.

I put my husband in charge of folding it up, so hopefully the 3 second fold is as easy as they say
Love it By
October 18, 2008
I love this chair, the colors are great and love the versitality. from the review above i do understand the pinching of finger but after you use it it starts to ease up/stretch out. When it is broken down to the table and chair my son fits at it quite well. he colors and paints at the table with no problem.
babybed By
June 23, 2009
simple and enjoy to baby
Nice compact seat By
December 30, 2009
I just bought this seat for my 4 mo old. I wanted something lightweight (for travel) and something that would rear-face past 30 lbs. It is plush and cozy! I currently have the insert in it, but will have to remove it soon since he's closing in on 20 lbs. I tried him in it both with and w/o the insert (since he is over 15 lbs) and both seemed comfy to him.
It is very light weight (lighter than the infant seat we were using!) and takes up less room than the infant seat too.
It installed fairly easy for me on a captain's chair in our minivan, but I haven't tried it in any other positions.
The "puzzle buckle" is annoying, but not terrible. I've had the seat installed for a week or so and I'm starting to get used to the buckle.
I was disappointed that the seat had a DOM of 3/2009 and I purchased it in mid-Dec 09.
Fantastic By
December 8, 2008
As a mom of two and aunt to many babies, I have done a lot of trial and error on baby products along with research! This car seat is simple AMAZING! This is simply a dream seat! It is extra padded and comfortable for our 6 month old! Our 5 year old loves sitting next to her in it because she can see her well. It moves effortlessly. Very easy to figure out. I did not need to watch the demo to figure it out. The seat is heavy but you do not need two people to lift as I had previously read on a review. I think the fact that it is solid shows good construction. Everything about this seat has been positive for our family. I even adjusted the straps without needing a doctorate degree in strap manipulation! :-) I drive a Tahoe, but was concerned with how much space the seat would take with needing to rotate and so on. It fits fine and my husband (6-1") still has room. Would buy again anyday and are considering buying a second for husband's vehicle! (even grandma figured it out! HEE HEE)
September 27, 2010
wonderful By
January 1, 2004
The seperate bassinet and stand eliminated the need to buy a bassinet...we used it alone alot. Lots of storage and pockets...nice padded pad, vibration feature nice! When stowed the wheels make it easy to transport...we loved it!

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