August 8, 2009
1st time stroller user.. By
October 30, 2010
I ordered this product on a Monday and received it on a Wednesday. I was impressed with the quick delivery time. The set up of stroller and car seat was pretty easy (some of the direction pictures took a minute to figure out but all in all no major complaints). I haven't had my baby yet but I can't see how this stroller will not work out.. I'm 5'10 and dad is 6'1 and the handle bar is high enough for both of us to use comfortably. I read in some other reviews that it was a heavy stroller, I don't think it is to heavy at all. No, it's not a light weight stroller but for how much it has going for it the weight is not an issue. The one handed open and close feature does work with only one hand!! It's also nice that the car seat goes up to 30 lbs where as others only go up to 25 lbs or so. I can't wait to put this stroller to use and recommend this stroller to anyone, even hesitant first timers like me. =)
Great stroller at a great price By
January 1, 2004
Compact, durable, comfortable, and stylish. Need two hands to recline
great car seat By
June 11, 2011
very easy to use
November 25, 2009
It seems like a fun toy and will be
used alot. I wish it just came in English
the spanish it not something I needed.
the best high chair By
January 1, 2004
This high chair is awesome! It was very easy to assemble. It has so many various position changes that will make it more comfortable not only you, but for you to feed your baby. First off, you can adjust the height of the seat so that it fits where you will be sitting while feeding you baby. For the baby, it reclines almost all the way (of which was useful for when my 6.5 month old fell asleep right in the middle of getting her lunch, I just reclined her rather than disturb her by taking her out), slight recline, or completely upright. The leg rest also has 3 different positions. And the footrest is also adjustable 3 different ways. Then of course, there is the dual padding and the dual tray (which is simple to slide in and out). Lastly, is the super cute print. I was almost afraid that it would look to clownish. But the colors are a little more muted than in the picture. A great high chair. We are so happy with it and it's well worth the money.
Great Product By
January 24, 2010
Good thinking , good product
Chicco is a name brand to trust! By
November 28, 2011
This seat has a 5 star rating and easily passes all American safety regulations. This seat is perfect for a parent looking for easy installation, safety and comfort. For more information on this seat and other infant car seats, visit www.best-baby-seat.com. This safety provided so much information for me when I made my decision.
the happy chair By
January 1, 2004
I LOVE this chair. Its so much better than all the chairs at the baby stores. Its modern and hip looking and is bright and happy without being obnoxious and eyesore bright. It took about 4 minutes to put together. Its light weight and moves great. I recieved the chair about 2 days after ordering it, no need to pay the extra in shipping. The tray doesn't fit in the dishwasher but then again the chair I was using prior didn't either and it didn't have an insert. I really can't say enough good things about this chair. I am so glad I waited to find the right chair instead of settling for one of the boring typical baby chairs at the stores.
Smart design By
January 7, 2010
I ordered this chair for my grandson's visits. He liked it and so do I. The adjustable height of the chair and footrest are a real bonus. It folds up and occupies very little space in the closet when not in use. Lightweight but sturdy. The extra tray liners are great, although they don't fit in my dishwasher.

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