very lightweight! bulky when folded up, wheel quality impressive By
December 28, 2010
took 5 adults to assemble from box!
wheel quality impressive.
bold design.
folds easily but bulky.
purchased for Emma, she'll let us know how she likes it!!
best high chair around By
January 1, 2004
I went to various children stores looking for my baby's high chair. From what I saw.. I Wasn't happy with either the chairs features or the color/style. I took a chance ordering this Chicco Poly. I have to say that it is the most beautiful highchair I have ever seen. It is so easy to use and it when you close it, its almost completely flat. This is definetely the BMW of high chairs at a reasonable price.
love it By
September 14, 2009
I bought this for my new grandson...both mom and dad love the features on the playard and
baby does too!
Cortina Stroller feedback By
May 27, 2009
The ONLY down side to the stroller is that when the car seat is in it it dramatically reduces the space you have to put things in the bin in the bottom.
Stylish Umbrella Stroller By
January 1, 2004
I bought this stroller when my daughter was 4 months old as a lighter alternative to my full size stroller. The recommended age of usage is 6 months so I had to wait a bit to put her in this stroller. Now that she is 12 months she fits perfectly in the seat.
chicco s3 all-terrain stroller By
January 22, 2011
This stroller is worth every penny. Took it for a run and it is so smooth, it drives its self, it even came with a rain cover and the back can be closed in with a canopy, to keep baby warm on chilly day or when baby wants to nap and have no wind blow in, it also came with a big cushion. It is very sturdy and well made and my 10 month will be in there for a few years to come, love it and would highly recommend this to a baby from new born up until 4 years old, or 40 pounds, very happy .
it is a gift By
August 10, 2009
I haven't used it yet, but I know it is an excellent product because one of my daugthers have one like it.
almost perfect By
January 1, 2004
We searched everywhere for a highchair (reasonably priced) that had all of the options this one does. I absolutely love the highchair for my toddler. It's a nice pattern/color and it is easy to move/store. My only issue is that it is a little difficult to properly clean the clasps for the harness/seatbelt and the gap between the arm rest and the tray. Aside from that it's great!!! I would recommend to anyone!! Also a note, I ordered mine on a Sunday and it was at my door the following Friday! Very easy to set up as well.
Chicco is a name brand to trust! By
November 28, 2011
This seat has a 5 star rating and easily passes all American safety regulations. This seat is perfect for a parent looking for easy installation, safety and comfort. For more information on this seat and other infant car seats, visit www.best-baby-seat.com. This safety provided so much information for me when I made my decision.
Adventure CHICCO umbrella stroller By
September 28, 2007
I received an adventure umbrella stoller as a gift from my husband for our 3rd/last baby and it is worth every penny we spent on it. I wish I had known more about the CHICCO line when we had our two other children. We've bought so many "cheap brand" umbrella stollers over the years to replace broken or damaged ones that I'm sure we spent as much as we did for this one. The quality is great and I really like how light they are. The handle is just right to where we don't have to bend down to reach and push as compared to the others out there. It's no wonder why I had it stolen at a department store while shopping. True story!! So now I demand of my husband a replacement because I will not be using a "cheap brand" umbrella stroller again. I explained to him it's like him buying me a top of the line Cadillac , somebody steals it and then he buys me a jalopy down at the hometown car dealer and expect me to drive in it after I've been given the luxury. Won't happen!! That's why I'm researching your site today.

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