Bees Knees

Not just too big, WAY too big! By
October 1, 2011
Just received these pants the other day. Some reviews mentioned they were a bit big and I considered ordering down a size but didn't - bad choice! These pants are WAY bigger than all the other pants I have for my baby in the same size. I would say nearly twice as big. Hopefully we can use them in the future, I think I will just order one more pair in a smaller size for him to use now. I was disappointed because I was very excited for him to be able to wear these.
November 21, 2011
will be buying more
Rare Skin Disease By
July 22, 2011
My 7 month old baby has been diagnosed with a rare skin disease, and when she begins to crawl, her knees must be covered and protected. Any friction to her skin directly will cause tears, eventually making the skin 'fall' off. In addition, these pants will add extra coverage to her legs and thighs. Noboby has anything like these that I could find. I just order 3 pair of these pants, and I pray that they give her the protection she needs. I will follow up on how well they worked for us.
Awesome crawling pants! By
June 13, 2011
I love these pants!! Perfect if your little one is crawling to protect their little knees. My baby boy has had red knees from crawling everywhere but these pants really protect him and prevent his knees from getting so red! He is 9 months old (50th percentile) so I ordered the 6-12 month size and they fit fine. They are a bit big but better too big than too small. ;) I was a little disappointed that the 12-18 month size look very similar in size - I bought a size up so he had a pair to grow into. The length is not much longer than the 6-12 month size. My only improvement for these pants would be cuffs at the bottom so they have room to grow into them. (I wish ALL baby pants had cuffs so you could make them shorter/longer when they grow.)
Irreplaceable! By
October 26, 2010
Both of our boys have severe hemophilia, so bruising comes quickly and easily. These pants have prevented many joint bleeds, and I am so very glad to have found them!
These are just the Bee's knees By
October 25, 2010
My son is such a boy and he get's into everything and loves to climb! Therefor, he bangs up his cute little knee's all the time and ends up with a lot of bruises. With the padded knees in these pants it provides a lot of protection for when he is climbing and crawling all over the house! These pants just make me feel better knowing that his little knees are protected.
Good deal! By
February 7, 2012
Our baby is not using this yet but it feels so soft and durable for the price.
Functional but not that cute By
December 31, 2010
Got these for my grandson. The padding seems clever but don't know yet if the padding is positioned to be useful or not, so I am glad the padding can be removed. Otherwise, just kind of plain, ordinary pull on pants.
cute and smart!!! By
September 23, 2011
everything I expected
Good idea By
December 17, 2011
My sons had jeans with the double knee pads and they held up great. Hope these wear as well.

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