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Do not buy this in Diamond color By
December 24, 2010
First of all, the color Diamond should not be sold to any parent. It shows dirt too easily. I’ve had this stroller for about 8 months now, and I think it’s been through normal wear and tear, I don’t use it every day, really probably less than normal, and it looks horrible now. Even though this is a nice, expensive stroller, you wouldn’t think so because of the dirt on the canopy. I’ve tried to wash it by hand, you can’t put the canopy in the washing machine, according to Baby Jogger. but it definitely does not get off all the dirt this way. I did not realize this when we purchased the stroller, that the parts cannot be machine-washed. Who wants to hand wash, anyway?

This is a great stroller for what it is, though, as a possible double stroller. It has a lot of basket room, which I didn’t think I’d need initially, but comes in handy so often. I’ve only used it as a single stoller, though. It maneuvers well, and is able to handle somewhat gravel paths, sand and snow. It folds close nicely, which was important to us, since we noticed with cheaper strollers this became an issue after a while. This seems like it will last for multiple children no problem. Very sturdy stroller. It folds up compactly if you take off the wheels, that is nice for when we travel to Europe, where people drive smaller cars generally.

I just don’t understand why Baby Jogger sells this color. As a first-timer, I didn’t think about things like dirt showing on the stroller. I thought also since it is a light-gray, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it is. Baby Jogger would not exchange my seat for a different color when asked. It’s very disappointing, because when you purchase all of the extras, like the bassinet and the car seat adaptor, etc., this stroller is expensive. You still have this stroller that looks terrible because of the color. I wrote Baby Jogger and told them that they should not sell this color, they did not address this issue. Even though I think the product is worth the money, in this color it is not.

A note: you need to get the Gate Check bag if you plan on flying. We did not, and on the way back from a flight, our stroller was dropped. The airline stated they normally don’t reimburse for strollers, but they were really negligent this time, and we are getting a reimbursement. The front wheels broke, but luckily we were able to order new ones for not too much money. At least it was for on the way back from a vacation. Imagine a vacation without a stroller. Just buy the Gate Check bag.

I would have given a much higher rating if it were not for the color!
December 10, 2012
It is perfect except the weight...
Nice! By
October 18, 2009
Thats a great idea for the windy and rainy weather! My babies feel cozy and warm in the stroller. It feets perfekt for the Baby jogger summit double.
Nice! By
October 18, 2009
Thats a great idea for the windy and rainy weather! My babies feel cozy and warm in the stroller. It feets perfekt for the Baby jogger summit double. But why does it need to be so pricey?
October 2, 2013
Its a very good stroller with an awesome fold mechanism...a little heavier than I expected. Maybe helpful to have some type of carry strap.
stable and easy By
March 4, 2014
Since the weather has been less than ideal for using the stroller, my experience has with it has been limited. It is really easy to maneuver and it feels very stable. The real test will be in the spring time when my baby is older and in will be taking walks with my pup alongside the stroller.
Excellent Stroller By
September 25, 2012
I have tried many different strollers for my tall nephew and finally this one was perfect for him. He still has plenty of height and leg room and he falls asleep easily while in it. With the other strollers he didn't want to be inside for long yet with this stroller he is calm and enjoys the ride wherever we go.
February 4, 2012
As a Mom of twins I am all about convenience. This stroller is awesome! Easy to fold up, can fit in the trunk with lots of other stuff. Moves with ease. My boys love it & so do I.

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