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February 6, 2013
The Cadence is the perfect sized fold up that can handle much longer outings that I thought it could handle. I wanted an umbrella, but they are so long when folded up that they are hard to store in our vehicles. Now that I have a Cadence I would rather use it over either of our other strollers most of the time.
The padded chair is very comfortable and feels like it would vent very well when it gets hot and will keep the kiddo warm in the winter because it isn't paper thin. It came with a rain cover that has vent holes in the side; a nice detail that you wouldn't expect at this price.
I wish the seat would recline more and sit up more vertically, but the kiddo seems happy. I am also not enthusiastic about off-road, but that wasn't expected.
We already have two other strollers; an I'coo Targo and a Cosco $15.00 cheapo. The Targo we bought used it has been great because of the bassinet and big wheels. We still like it for neighborhood strolls and long trips to a park. But for short runs into the store or to go to the gym, it was ridiculously cumbersome and left no room for groceries. The cheapo Cosco is fine for what it is and I leave it in the truck for very short trips where I am in a hurry. We needed something that was in between that would serve both functions and still fit in the truck backseat with a convertible car seat. The Cadence is just the right size and seems very well built. We really thought it was going to be cheaply built like the normal brands we see at local retailers.
If its not too late to add, I am 6'3" and the stroller is a great height for me to push.

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