Angel Line is one of the most expansive lines on our site. We carry Angel Line Cribs among other products. Their combination Crib, Cradle and Playpen is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that is great. All Angel Line Furniture is made with great craftsmanship and has jumped to the head of the class in providing great baby products.

Angel Line

December 4, 2009
Beautiful Cribb By
September 5, 2009
Beautiful Crib!! Hard to find in white! Easy to put together and works great. Fast and inexpensive shipping. Overall great deal!
They just arent made the way they used to be! By
August 2, 2009
I had a Jenny Lind Highchair 20 years ago. That same high chair went through 4 children. All these years later I have 2 more children, so I wanted this high chair desperately. It had been perfect for the decor and clean up! This one wobbles like one leg is shorter than the others. The screws are very noticeable! They Its just made cheaper and flimsier all the way around! Wooden peg inserts with sunken screws would have been nice! I like the look of it so much that I will have my husband do something with the wobble.
August 8, 2009
Okay for little babies By
January 1, 2004
I bought this for my son. I thought it was a good product for a fair price. He has been using it for the past 8 months with no problems. But just yesterday I saw a sticker on the side of the strap that said the table had a 20 lb weight limit! I was surprised. My son almost weighs that and I don't want to buy another table now. Next time I will buy a more substantial one for more money that can be used longer.
December 7, 2009
Beautiful and sturdy. I'm sure our angel will enjoy this chair for many years.
New Grandma!!! By
December 26, 2010
It was very easy for me & my 11 yr old daughter to put together. We did it in less than 1 hour. Nice color & seems very sturdy. Very happy for the price.
This Chair is safe, sturdy and very stylish! By
February 12, 2008
My husband and I got the Jenny Lind High Chair as a gift from my in-laws on the birth of our second child, Mahalia, 28 months ago. We started using it when she was six months old. I love the antique-look finish, which goes perfectly with the rest of our furniture. And the High Chair has turned out to be a real gem. Mahalia still uses it and abuses it, and I have had no problems whatsoever with it. It’s very stable and I am never worried that it will tip over, which I used to be with my son in his plastic high chair. This high chair is durable and sturdy and I have found it to be very safe. The tray slips on and off easily and it has a harness and a safety belt, so it’s pretty secure. The tray is easy to slide in and out and clean. I am now pregnant with my third baby and I intend to continue using the Jenny Lind High Chair when Tyler is ready for solid feeding. That is, if I can get Mahalia to part with it, since she uses it to watch TV long after her food’s done!

Anna, Seattle WA.
nice chair but not as safe as it should be By
January 1, 2004
The Jenny Lind high chair was given to me as a gift. The high chair itself is very nice but we had alot of trouble with the tray latches and the screws on the arms of the chair working their way loose all the time. The latches are more like pins on the sides that you pull out to slide the tray on and off. My now 18 month old son can put his arms around the tray and pull at the pins, sometimes even unlatching it himself or pinching his fingers in it. Some of the problems with the tray working its way off has to do with the arms that hold the guides on kept coming unscrewed no matter how many times we keep tightening them back up. One more thing...there is no hight adjustment to this chair. My son at 18 months is still sitting on a folded up bath towel in order for his chest to reach the middle of the tray.
there is a reason the chair is still around By
January 1, 2004
Very Easy to clean, simple design, durability. Just comfy enough...though very HEAVY tray, possibly not perfect for young infants due to very upright back.

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