Angel Line is one of the most expansive lines on our site. We carry Angel Line Cribs among other products. Their combination Crib, Cradle and Playpen is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that is great. All Angel Line Furniture is made with great craftsmanship and has jumped to the head of the class in providing great baby products.

Angel Line

December 12, 2009
The finsished product is beautiful; however, it's a little difficult to put together.
December 4, 2009
Great Crib By
January 8, 2011
This crib was extremely easy to assemble. I was able to put it together with the help of my 6 year old daughter. It also came within a week of ordering. Which is great since it was over Christmas.
Cradle by Angel Line By
February 20, 2008
I have a Jenny Lind cradle by angel line. I purchased it in 1982. I am now refinishing it for my first grand child. Please tell me how I can get new hardware for the cradle. Thank you
December 12, 2010
They just arent made the way they used to be! By
August 2, 2009
I had a Jenny Lind Highchair 20 years ago. That same high chair went through 4 children. All these years later I have 2 more children, so I wanted this high chair desperately. It had been perfect for the decor and clean up! This one wobbles like one leg is shorter than the others. The screws are very noticeable! They Its just made cheaper and flimsier all the way around! Wooden peg inserts with sunken screws would have been nice! I like the look of it so much that I will have my husband do something with the wobble.
Works Fine By
October 30, 2007
I've had this chair for 2 years and it has been very durable. It is easy to clean and has withstood the best abuse my toddler can dish out.
August 8, 2009
Incredible!!! By
September 22, 2010
Product is of great quality and was easy to assemble. Product shipped SUPER fast..same day. My baby loves it. He slept really good and did not cry the whole night. I rate this product safe, affordable and dependable!!
top changing level broke and my child fell through!!! please read all of the reviews! By
January 1, 2004
I've been using this changing table for 18 months with no problems until this morning my wiggly 25lb. daughter fell through! She could have been really hurt. The rail that the changing platform slides into gave out. On the purchase page on this web site it states for children 3 years old and under but when you get the box it states for 20 pounds and under! I'm guessing the average three year old has long since broken 20 pounds, my daughter was 20 pounds around 11 months and has always been in the 50th percentile. My advice is to spend a little more money on something more substantial so you don't have to spend a lot more money later replacing it or worse possibly on a doctors appointment for an injured child. Please take some time to read all of the reviews. There are so many complaints of cheap material, cracked wood, the pitiful 20# weight limit, bad instructions, screws that keep coming loose, missing parts, and warped panels. Many reviewers agree you get a cheap, poor quality table for a cheap price.

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