Ameda Breast Pumps have been at the top of the breast pump world for a long time. With nearly 10 different types of breast pump on our site, finding the right pump will not be difficult. The signature pump has been the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump. This top seller has been a staple with mothers for a long time.


Excellent Pump By
January 1, 2004
When I started looking at pumps, I did my research and knew I would buy either this one or the medela, since I worked full-time. I decided to go with this based purely on the fact that it was lighter, you could use batteries or a car adapter and it was cheaper (I bought it for $150). And then I thought I'd made a terrible mistake. Initially it pumped well and then went downhill! I was confused and then figured out the white valves needed changing. I did so and a week later ran into the same problem. I ended up chnaging 3 sets of valves in one month before I realized the problem was me....I was cleaning the valves with a brush which is a NONO....ooops. Since, I finally figured that out, the pump works great. I can empty both breasts in 20-30 mins. It's easy to carry around. the carry all is elegant and discreet and everything fits in it. It comes with a cooling bag and freezer packs to keep everything cold once you pump. The equipment is small and easy to maintain. It's a great pump and I love it!!! I highly recommend it. Just please don't make the same stupid mistakes I did!!!
The best breast pump By
January 1, 2004
This was the best investment I could've made for my baby. I was able to exclusively brestfeed my baby after I went back to work full time. The pump was easy to use, clean and carry. I had previously purchased the Avent Isis hand pump which was useless. If you're looking for an electric pump this is the best choice you can make.
Great breast pump!! By
January 1, 2004
I really like the Ameda breast pumping system. I was started on it when my son was in the hospital for 9 days after he was born and have been using it since. As an occupational health nurse, I was able to try the Medela pumping system which I found much harder to clean. I found that there was much less risk of having the milk enter into the pumping system witht he Ameda. I have used my Purely Yours pump in a car and in many other situations during the 8 and 1/2 months of pumping. It si a lightwieght machine with a good amount of power. I take it back and forth to work with me, as well as when I travel. I love the control and comfort that I have with the length of the pumping cycle and the strength of the suction. I adjust the levels as I have different needs.
Love the pump - hate the noise!!! By
January 1, 2004
I spent quite a while researching pumps as I knew I wanted to continue to give my daughter breast milk once I'd returned to my full time job. So knew I would need a good electric double pump to do so. I read the wonderful reviews this pump had received and decided to buy this one as opposed to the Medela Pump in Style. I started pumping about a week after my daughter was born as she would fall asleep when nursing her and wasn't eating enough. I didn't want to supplement with formula so pumped in between feedings and supplemented with bottled breast milk. I love the pump and I'm usually able to pump 6-8 oz each time. Clean up is quick and easy. No problems with anything other than the following!!! When I started using the pump, it had a low pitch whirring noise like a copier machine, which was fine. Now I know there's always going to be some level of noise with any pump but about 1 month after using the pump, it started making a grinding, clunking noise (best description I can come up with!) with the odd high pitch squeak here and there! It I called Ameda's warranty department who over-nighted a replacement pump to me - I was very impressed with their customer service. I happily plugged in my new pump but to my disappointment found that it was even louder and more dysfunctional sounding than the first one!!! This one sounded like a loud electric pepper mill or a cheap electric pencil sharpener! So I called Ameda again and after listening to the representative's explanation that breast pumps do make noise, I let her listen to it over the phone. She quickly agreed that it didn't sound normal and said she would send me yet another replacement pump. Well, I'm into my third week with the third pump. It started well - normal pump level noise but now once I've been pumping a few minutes, it starts making a high pitched squeak with every pump!!!! I have a private office at work and even placing it in my desk drawer doesn't muffle the noise and people down the hallway can hear it!!! Wrapping it in a blanket helps muffle the squeak but it's getting to be a pain!! I don't know whether to call again for my FOURTH pump or just live with it! Two of my friends have this pump also and I've listened to theirs so I know that mine is not making the normal, acceptable level of noise.
Awesome pump!!!! By
January 1, 2004
bought this pump before giving birth. My baby ended up being in NICU so I couldn't breastfeed. I ended up pumping exclusively. It works great!! It is a very powerful pump for everyday use. I highly recommend.
Durable and reliable By
January 1, 2004
I bought this pump 6 years ago when I had my first child. I pumped for 12 months with him. Then last year, I had my second child. I took the Purely Yours pump out of storage, thinking that no way it would be still functional. It was and it works like I just bought it!! Besides its durability, it is lightweight and a good price and you can use it anywhere because you have the option of using batteries. I always recommend this pump to my friends and family who have decided to breastfeed.

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