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ciao! baby is the go anywhere highchair! Perfect for outdoors, travel, grandma's house and small spaces!
Product Features
  • All one piece and requires no assembly
  • Light weight and flexible design
  • Easily unfolds, locks into place, and folds back up in seconds
  • Durable material with a clear vinyl tray cover that easily wipes clean
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Comfortable lap belt securely holds child
  • Ideal for children up to three years old
  • ***Please note that the item actual color is black, does not have pattern as pictured***

Additional Information

Brand Jamberly Group
Shipping Time N/A
Shipping Restrictions This item can not be shipped to APO/FPO addresses.
Shipping Note Products ship in their original packaging. Please be aware that its contents will be visible to the recipient upon delivery.

Customer Q&A

C R asked: do you know what is maximum weight for this?
Staff Answer: This chair is tested to withstand up to 100 pounds. Ciao Baby recommends this high chair for use up to the age of 3 or whenever your child no longer needs a hair chair. This item is all one piece and requires no assembly. The light weight and flexible design will easily fold and unfold locking into place in seconds. The durable material and clear vinyl tray cover will easily wipe clean, and the built in cup holder will keep your child's favorite drink close at hand. Available in four colors, black, chocolate, orange, and sage, you are sure to find a color to match your personal style!

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you!
BabyAge 11/30/2012
Beverly Lang: the paperwork says up to 35 pounds 12/4/2012
Terry Hough: No idea. My daughter-in-law wanted it for my grandaughter so I got it for her for Christmas. Sorry I could not help. 12/5/2012
Debbie Shamlin: Not sure how to answer the weight limit, but they say it is recommended for 3 months to 3 year old children. We have very pleased with our chair we purchased for our granddaughters hitch is 8 months old and approximately 18 lbs. We have used it for her in our home and have also taken it to restaurants which was great ! 12/11/2012
MICHELLE SALVAS: The packaging and the website only say for children up to three years old. 12/11/2012
Pam Tipton: website says 100 lbs and/or 3 years old. It is a great and very durable high-chair. My grandkids use it all the time. I was very pleased with the purchase. 12/11/2012
Anonymous asked: How much does this chair weigh?
MICHELLE SALVAS: I would guess about 6 pounds. It is very lightweight and easy to carry on your shoulder in the bag. 4/23/2014
DONNA SEXTON: I bought this chair over a year ago for camping with our grandson. Not sure of the weight but it is very light, like your typical adult folding picnic chair. 4/23/2014
Cynthia Valenti: It weighs the same as a camp chair in a bag would weigh. It's actually pretty light. We absolutely love this chair and take it every where. The down side is that the top is slanted a little so food seems to slide down towards the baby. It is really a great idea though. 4/23/2014
Norman Tookmanian: It's very lightweight, and comes with its own carrying case. It's the perfect chair to take anywhere! Love it 4/23/2014
Kevin Burcham: Not much at all. Maybe 3 to 4 lbs. very similar to a folding lawn chair. We use and love ours. 4/23/2014
Holly Allison T: I really don't know how much it weighs but I suspect it's not more than 5 lbs. I bought it as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law and it has really come in handy. They mostly use it when traveling or visiting friends but used it exclusively while my grandson was small. I highly recommend it. So easy to travel with and set up. I was able to set it up with one hand while holding my grandson. My daughter-in-law, tiny as she is, was able to carry it over her shoulder (in the carry bag it comes with) along with the baby and her diaper bag and purse and it wasn't difficult for her. Very useful. 4/23/2014
Staff Answer: Hello! This chair weighs about 8 pounds, so it's the perfect item for days outside with baby! It's very light and easy to carry, and it can be opened and set up very quickly. 4/30/2014
Beverly Lang: 7 LBS ON MY HOME SCALE 5/4/2014
Anonymous asked: I would love to buy this portable highchair as a gift, but I worry about it's safety. I would like to know if babies are truly secure and safe. Are there places on this chair where a baby could get pinched? Also, very important, I'd like to know if the materials in this chair contain toxins and/or toxic fumes.

Thanks very much.
Cindy Brzymialkiewidz: This chair is very safe. The only problem that I had with it was it runs small. It's a little tight fit getting them in and out of the chair. Nothing toxic or any place to get pinched. Great chair for on the go! 12/26/2013
Cindy Ireland: I love this chair, Toxic? I don't think so. 12/26/2013
Beverly Lang: I have purchased 5 of these chairs for baby gifts , and they all received a thumbs up after using them, the legs lock into place so there is no place for pinching. They are great on vacation and traveling and just taking to family gatherings, you will always have a clean place for your child no matter where you go. 12/27/2013
Anna Harris: this is a great portable chair, its like a portable beach chair but for babies. I bought 2, one for my daughter and one for my niece. We took them on vacation, and I kept mine in the car for those unexpected events. Once the chair "clamp" are pushed down, the baby sitting in it can not get to it. The actual material is nylon/vinyl that is easy to clean. I believe it is BPA free ( flyer fell out of carrying case) As with any chairs, please keep an eye out for babies in it. A child can tip it over if they are trying to climb out. But overall a great chair! 12/27/2013
Lloyd C asked: Where is the purple chair with the UW logo?
Staff Answer: Hello. Thank you for your inquiry. If you have questions about an item's availability, please give us a call at 570-408-0800 or e-mail us at customerservice@babyage.com and we can check if an item is available. 7/9/2014
BabyAge.com asked: Why did you choose this?
Mary Nickerson I: Thought it would a great gift for my neice that is expecting her first child. Can be taken with them when they go anywhere. 6/5/2012
Mary Nickerson I: Thought it would a great gift for my niece that is expecting her first child. Can be taken with them when they go anywhere.

Just ordered my second one for another niece this is a huge hit with new mom's. 6/5/2012
Kandy Cussigh: A friend ordered one, and I thought it was fabulous!!!! 6/9/2012
DONNA SEXTON: price, portability 11/7/2012
Michael Thompson: someone had one in a resturant - it looked like it worked great 12/14/2012
Mary Rogers: heard great reviews.. needed something for my child for camping and beach trips 1/11/2013
Liesel Hogan: We love this chair! Purchased one for my MIL's house and had to have one just for us to use. It's great! I wish it was adjustable for height as it is low and they could definitely add some toy loops. But great, other than those things. 1/14/2013
Elizabeth Garibay: did not what to hold my son on my lap when he eats at a public place, he can not sit still on my lap. I hope he likes this chair 1/17/2013
Jodee Omey - Newland: Great sale price and no shipping! Can't go wrong. Thanks so much 2/11/2013
Rhonda Daniels: The chair was recommended by a current buyer of one. 2/17/2013
Cindy Brzymialkiewidz: I seen this at a baby shower. It was a great gift. Your pricing was the best. 3/8/2013
Joyce Miettinen: I needed something for our grand daughter to use while at our house. 3/12/2013
Sheila Welch H: gift for a couple who camp alot and have a new baby! 3/13/2013
Linda Olson K: chose this as a baby gift for 2 parents who love to go camping. Hoping this will make camping with their little one easier! 3/16/2013
Jonathan Bruss O: Camping 4/1/2013
Claudia Knoll: A friend of mine has triplet girls and she has them and loves them. Saw it and was very impressed how they hold the child in. I want one for my grandson! 4/18/2013
Sandra Ryder: my daughter in law thought this would be perfect for my granddaughter 4/21/2013
Christina Thrift: portable and easy to use 4/22/2013
Jeri Wiegel: I have purchased these before and they are great to keep in the car and never worry about having a high chair available as well as cleanliness. 4/29/2013
Marilyn Bergstrom: saw one at a picnic...perfect seat for children 4/30/2013
Susan Schaeffer: For my 1-year old grand-daughter. Safe place for her when the family eats outside and no lugging of the usual high chair. 5/1/2013
Eileen Cyrus: I have Twin grandbabies whose parents take them camping frequently. Also, it is easier for my daughter to take them places to eat with these portable high chairs. We're a camping, boating, outdoors family and these are perfect for our grandbabies. 5/2/2013
Teresa Dailey: for my gran-angel, she is an outdoor baby and they can take this anywhere! 5/3/2013
Herman Franklin E: Seen one in use before. 5/4/2013
Janyce Ford: For a daughter in laws birthday 5/6/2013
Christopher Kilbourn: We do alot of camping in the summer. Also the portability makes this an awesome product. 5/12/2013
CYNTHIA JENSEN: saw it in an airplane magazine while traveling 5/20/2013
Tracy Cunningham: we go camping and are outside a lot 5/30/2013
Heather Wrenn R: This item was highly recommended by a friend. It will be perfect for on the go activities, the lake, beach, picnics, and more! :) Can't wait to start using it! 6/9/2013
Crystal Lockhart: For a friend who goes to the drag races. very convenient way to take a highchair with 6/21/2013
Henry Holst I: Lowest cost version of this item on the internet. 6/25/2013
Laramie Jung: Saw a cousin using one and loved it. 7/5/2013
Pat Soderberg: Grandson traveling with me to a summer cabin 7/21/2013
Antonia Carney: It received good reviews and I am looking for weather resistant chairs for my 10 month old twins to sit in the backyard with us. I'm hopeful these will work great. I like that I can feed them in them because I just wanted safe chairs. 9/11/2013
Cindy Ireland: My daughter in law travels with my grandson a lot, I thought this would be easy for her to handle 10/4/2013
Sharon Malone: make life much easier for parents when going out. not all places have highchairs aplus much more sanitary with no germs 10/11/2013
Thomas J Nassif: Practical 11/6/2013
Lisa Lennex: I saw someone have one and my niece is an outdoor person. She is pregnant and wanted her to have one. Easy to wipe up. 11/9/2013
Kathleen Johnson: I have a child with autism, that still requires a highchair at age 4. 11/21/2013
Marie Maynard: christmas present 11/28/2013
Ann Farmer: We own this high chair & absolutely LOVE it. It's easy to take anywhere & our child likes sitting in it. It gives both parents & child freedom ;) 11/29/2013
Lauryn Meehan: I bought this as a baby gift. I have one and absolutely love it! 12/7/2013
Becky Jones: I'm ordering this for a family member who is expecting her first baby in a few months. She & her husband enjoy lots of outdoor activities, and I think they'll love this unique high chair! 12/25/2013
Linnzi Gillo: Wanted an easy travel high chair for vacations and outdoor activities. 1/20/2014
Cindy Smith: I saw one this summer at a picnic and thought it would make a great baby gift for friends and family. 1/26/2014
Cindy Lenn: Need chair to go camping or traveling. 1/30/2014
Cindy Smith: I saw one this summer at a picnic. The mom was raving about how convenient it was. I have 4 baby showers in the next month and wanted to get something no one else would get them. 2/7/2014
Kimberly Allison: friend got one 2/8/2014
Gail Etheredge: My daughter has twins and this is a fantastic piece of equipment!! 2/22/2014
Evelyn Perez-Lively: Great for "outdoorsy" couple with a new baby. 2/24/2014
Selina Barnes: Summer is around the corner...this would be necessary for outdoor entertaining with my niece! I hope she likes it! 3/3/2014
Cindy Koran: Friends have "1" and they love it !!! Purchased for my "2" grand - daughters !!! 3/11/2014
Lorena Varela: My son plays softball so he & his wife & baby are always at games so this will be the perfect gift for them due to its portability 3/12/2014
June L Mumme: Practical solution for busy parents. 3/23/2014
Michael Ghesquiere Jr.: Needed something for our camper. 4/16/2014
Melissa Bowyer: easy on the go high chair and recommended by family 4/20/2014
Bonnie Weston: It is a great idea for parents that camp or travel.. 5/6/2014
Victoria Newberry: Ideal for vacationing and camping with my daughter. 5/9/2014
Phyllis Wheeler: No shipping charge and good price. 5/12/2014
Sarah Knight: Because I spend a lot of time at the sports fields and its perfect for that as well as to keep in my trunk for any occasion! 5/16/2014
Anmarie VENTI: want to use at the beach 6/10/2014

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