Bottle Feeding
Different babies need different bottles, which can range from class to standard. Purchasing a few different kinds can help you decide which one your child likes best. 2.6 ounce bottles are perfect for newborns. There are also 4oz and 9oz bottles for your baby as he or she gets older. When purchasing bottles, you may also like to purchase bottle warmers and coolers.

Bottle warmer
The bottle warmer is the quintessential accessory to the bottle. Moms love it because warmers such as the Night and Day Bottle Warmer can warm a bottle in less than five minutes. Most have ready light indicators and automatically shut-off.

Cooler bags
Cooler bags are another great accessory to the bottle. The cooling bags keep the bottles at a constant temperature no matter where you go.

Baby Formula
While breast milk is the best source of nutrition, baby formula is the next best thing. Choosing the formula to meet your baby's nutritional needs is of the utmost importance.

There are several different types of formula. There are organic, low iron, and lacto free options.

formulas are clinically shown to support mental and visual development in the baby's first year. Similac formulas also provide calcium, which is essential for your baby's growing bones. The lactose free formula is easy on your baby's digestive system.

Enfamil LIPL
this is a good supplement for children who are not breastfeeding. It is more like breast milk than most other formulas, and it gives children who are unable to breastfeed some of the benefits of breastfeeding.

Solid Feeding
There are many options available to make the transition from liquid to solid feeding as smooth as possible. Baby utensils, baby cups, and baby plates all make the transition easier. For example, Babybjorn offers easy-grip spoons and bowls for baby. It makes mealtime easier for baby and the clean-up easier for you.

When traveling, plastic sets make life on the go easier for you and your baby. The leak proof sets contain perfectly portioned storage cases and specially designed lid seals. They are perfect for pre-packing your babies meals.

The thermos/bottle makes drinking on the go easier for your baby. The thermoses are leak proof, so moms like them too. Stainless steel and dishwasher safe. Thermos bottle also contains different variations such as the thermos/sippy cup and the leak proof cup with handles. Many are dishwasher and microwave safe.

For the baby moving into the toddler phase, the no spill toddler cups make life easier for mom and baby because they prevent spill and mess when traveling. For example, the Boon No Spill Toddler Cup is a popular favorite for making snack time easier.

Breast Feeding
Breast Pumps
The battery operated pumps are great on the go and for short outings or weekend trips. For long term and more frequent use, electric pumps are better. Double electric pumps are best for the full time 9 to 5 mother.

Manual and battery operated
Features adjustable suction for each individual mother. They are lightweight and compact and thus perfect for occasional use. For example, the Medela Single Deluxe Battery Breast Pump is a preference among mothers.

Bibs and Burp Cloths
Bibs Clearly, the necessary accessory to most feeding is the bib. There are many stylish bibs and burp cloths available to choose from. There are many bibs available that make feeding time easier for you and your baby. Many have double pockets which catch food spills. There are also waterproof options with no soak through.

Burp cloths
Despite what you may think, there are alternative options to the plain and boring burp cloth. Many come in cute prints that mom and baby will enjoy. For example, the Babylicious Groovy Sit and Spit Cloths are two-ply flannel and are machine washable. You can also use these burp cloths when you are changing your baby. The baby can lay on them.

There is a vast range of different pricing for high chairs. They can range from prices as low as $24 all the way up to $230. It all depends on the level of comfort you wish to have for your child. The mid price range of high chairs offer reclining positions and height adjustments to suit your baby's individual needs. Also, the full size trays give little ones their very own eating spaces. Many convert to booster seats to adjust with your baby as he or she grows older. The higher-end high chairs often resemble mini-thrones for your little prince or princess. They offer height adjustments, reclining options, and adjustable footrests. They have harnesses to keep your baby in place and also have wheel locks for added safety. Storage nets on the back of seats are convenient for the mother so she can store everything she needs for feeding conveniently near the baby.

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