As your child grows, he or she loves to explore more and more. This means that he or she is learning about the world around them, but it can also mean that everyday household items can be dangerous, or even deadly!

The best time to begin thinking of childproofing your home is before your child is even born; you’ll have some time on your hands to begin baby-proofing, and this early stage will allow childproofing practices to become habit by the time these practices are essential.

So what will you need to childproof your home? Safety locks and latches can keep a roaming child from getting into cabinets and drawers that contain poisonous or hazardous items, while baby gates can prevent your child from entering rooms that you don’t want them in or from falling down stairs. Outlet covers will keep little fingers from poking into electrical outlets, which can cause shock and possible electrocution. Corner protectors and edge cushions protect your child’s head while he or she is exploring the house. And while it can be hard to know where a feisty, roving child is at all times, audio and visual baby monitors can offer peace of mind when you are out of the room.

Bathroom safety is important too! Use locks or latches on medicine cabinets to prevent potential overdoses or poisonings. Latches should also be used on toilets to prevent drowning safety hazards. Covers are also available for tub and sink faucets to prevent your child from bumping his or her head.

Most safety-proofing is a simple matter of common sense. With a bit of creativity and a lot of advanced planning, childproofing your home can become second nature.

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